As Jeff was on a killing spree on his fevered time of year. He thought to himself that he’d have a little fun he grabbed his knife finished killing the family then left the home he’d never see again. He went to the local bar got drunk and left as he stumbled through the dark. He saw an old house up in the abandoned side of town as he stepped inside he found that no one was home or so he thought  as he walked to the kitchen he found three children he ducked behind a wall as he saw three small targets the boys saw themselves as ghost hunters they came here to play a game Jeff pulled his knife out and got ready to attack the smallest of the boys  looked at the window  “we shoed get home” he said “ha what’s our parents gunna do call 911” “I just think we shoed go” ” were not leaving now let’s continue” Jeff turned off the lights “what the fuck” “guys I’m scared” “shut up lets continue” “no I’m leaving” “fine go” as the smallest of the boys got up and started for outside. Jeff grabbed the boy by the mouth and slit his trout  “shh go to sleep Jeff said then he went back to the other boys “ know what fuck this” “calm down” “no I’m going this is stupid” “then go wuss” as the fattest of the boys went he bumped into the dead boy and fell down the stairs the dead body of the young boy lied on him the fat boy screamed as the leader came to see what was happening he saw the fat and the young boy dead then a sudden pain went through him as he looked down he saw a knife through his stomach as Jeff pulled the knife out the boy fell down the  stairs as he heard those famous words “go to sleep"